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Focus on the Good and the Good gets better.

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Rebel with a Cause


It starts with one thought, one step, one movement. We all have the power to change the world, even if it’s just our own little world. Our little world has the power to those closest to us and then the changes keep spreading. Start where you are with what you have and aim to make a difference. That’s where I’m at and how I’m trying to live…in a rebellious state of mind.

Random Thoughts

A little bit of this. A little bit of that. A lot a bit of everything.

Hey There!

I’m Carrie Sevison, founder of Rebel of Nothingness. I started Rebel back in 2014 with the idea of becoming a blogger of some sort and hopefully helping anyone who read my posts. Well, I’m not much of a blogger, but my want to help has not ceased at all. While I think I’ll continue to keep the “blog” up and running (I mean everyone needs an outlet, right?), at least as much as I can, I am going to run full force in the direction of helping – helping others, helping causes, helping animals, just HELPING. I want to make whatever change I can even if it is just a little change. So, here’s to the future of Rebel and to anyone or anything that Rebel can help.

“Other people will call me a rebel, but I just feel like I’m living my life and doing what I want to do. Sometimes people call that rebellion, especially when you’re a woman.” -Joan Jett

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“It doesn’t take a majority to make a rebellion; it takes only a few determined leaders and a sound cause.” -H.L. Mencken

“Rebellion cannot exist without the feeling that somewhere, in some way, you are justified.” – Albert Camus

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