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I'm so happy you are here with me! I've got a lot of random thoughts to share along with some laid-back apparel and accessories that I created just for the inner Rebel in all of us! Take a look around! Shop! Grab some codes for some of my favorite online finds! I've got a little bit of everything to make your day just a little bit brighter! Thank you for being here and supporting your favorite Rebel!
In a world where you can be anything, be a ReBeL - be kind. :)
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About Rebel


Let’s keep it simple to start with. My name is Carrie Lynn Sevison and I am 40-something-year-old woman with two grown-ish kids, a husband I fell in love with when I was 14 years old, and two pups that drive me absolutely crazy. I love tacos and margs (spicy if they have them) and you can typically find me daydreaming about moving to the beach or planning my next vacation to the beach. After 40-some years on this earth, I have figured out that life is never going to be perfect, you will 100% have setbacks, and the struggles are REAL, but I’ve also learned that life is what we make of it. We can choose to see things differently. We can choose to put value on the simple things, rather than the material thing. We can choose to focus on our blessings. That just about sums up who I am at this very moment, so how about we dig into Rebel of Nothingness, shall we?


Rebel of Nothingness was started in November of 2014, while sitting on the warm sands of the Ocho Rios coastline with my husband. Maybe it was the turquoise water or the smell of the coconut sunblock that lingered in the air, or maybe it was the view of the nude island across from us that did it that spark an idea of rebellion, but, as sure as the drinks were flowing, the stars were aligning, and Rebel of Nothingness was forming. Honestly, it was probably the drinks more than anything, but does it really matter how an idea came to me? I don’t think so. I think all that really matters is that I saw it through and continue to develop this love of mine. The idea was to have a space to be as creative and random as I wanted. You see, there was once a time that I was shy, reserved, and stuck in a shell that I placed myself in. At one point, I looked at my kids and thought I never want them to be like me. I refuse to be that person ever again, I refused to allow that woman to be the mother of my children, and I refused to allow her to be my husband’s wife. My children, my husband, and I all deserved better. I decided then that this Rebel would never again be filled with nothingness.



You’re probably wondering about the name. I knew I wanted Rebel to be part of the name. That too started years ago when a friend of mine went through her rebel stage and it stuck with me. Nothingness came from my want to never be filled with nothingness again; to never feel empty, or alone, or stuck, or any of the weird and isolating things I had felt. I never wanted to be a Rebel of Nothingness ever again so the name would be my reminder.


Rebel of Nothingness is a reminder to question things, to stand up for things, to go with the flow but not the flow of bullshit, to listen to our souls, to drown out the voices of ignorance and hatred, to be the light, to be the change…I think you get the idea.


The goal is constantly evolving. Rebel is a work in progress, kind of like me. I am going to post about everything and anything with the idea that being authentic with all of you will keep me accountable and inspire all of you to start your own journey into rebel-hood. I think I should warn you though, I may be trying to be a better person and somewhat inspirational, but this mouth of mine just is what it is. So, if the occasional damn, hell, shit, and f-bomb upsets you, this may not be the place for you, BUT if you’re cool with all of that, let’s get to building this Rebel community!


Oh…I also have this thing for making things so be sure to check out the Rebel shop! There’s apparel and accessories for all of your inner rebel needs!

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