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But first,

some rebellion.


did Rebel of Nothingness come to be?

It was just an idea that came to me back in November of 2014, while sitting on the warm sands of the Ocho Rios coastline with my hubby. Maybe it was the turquoise water or the smell of the coconut sun block that lingered in the air, or maybe it was the view of the nude island across from us that did it, but, as sure as the drinks were flowing, the spark was lit and the stars were aligning. Okay, okay, it was probably the drinks more than anything, but does it really matter how an idea came to me? No! All that really matters is that I see it through. So, the idea is that I would have my own space to be as random as I wanted. I’d post about travel, food, family, love, photography, or whatever it is that peaks my interest.


Rebel of Nothingness?

I guess you could say I like the idea of being a rebel. Not really a rebel without a cause, but more of a rebel with a cause or even a rebel against yourself. I’m sure I’ve lost you at this point, but stick with me for a minute. You know that little voice in your head that makes you question everything including yourself? That voice that plays games with your mind and keeps you in your comfort zone? You do! I know you do! That’s the one I’m talking about! I like the idea of REBELLING against that! I want to be that kind of rebel. I want to stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking and start worrying more about what makes me happy, what makes me whole. I want to go outside of my comfort zone and LIVE, be ADVENTUROUS! I don’t need to be a hardcore badass. I just want to be a rebel with a beautiful soul.


do I wish to accomplish with Rebel of Nothingness?

I am not entirely sure. This is going to be a work in progress, a journey…my journey into rebel-hood. I am going to post about everything and anything. There will be an occasional damn, hell, shit, and f-bomb. If that upsets you this is probably not a place you should explore, as I can almost guarantee this will happen. I am just going to be me with a firm grasp on my inner rebel and see what happens. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself enjoying this crazy little ride or at least find something you like here.