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Things I believe in

Everything Happens For A Reason


I really do believe this. I’ve had debates with people over this. They ask how I can believe this when something terrible happens. I’m not really sure how or why I believe it, I just do. I don’t think that everything always happens for a good reason, as there are many things in my life that I still cannot see the good in, but there is always a reason. I believe that with everything in me. Good, bad, and all the in between happen for a reason. The reason may be plain to see or maybe you will never uncover it, but it’s there. It’s definitely there. There have been times that I’ve looked back after everything was said and done and had an “Ah-ha” moment. That moment where it all fit together like a puzzle I was putting together, it all made sense. It all had to happen in the exact way that it did. Whether there was a lesson to be learned, eyes to be opened, or a change to be made. Something was bound to come out of all of the chaos



This may just be one of the most distressing and freeing things in our lives. When things are bad and someone has the power to make me laugh it starts to change the way things are going. All of a sudden things don’t seem so bad. It’s like a drug….a free drug. Just think about how you feel when you are with someone you love or your best friend and you are laughing for no particular reason over just about anything…doesn’t it make you feel alive? Free? Happy? It washes away all of the other crap, even if it’s only temporary.

Overthinking ruins everything


Seriously now, it’s true. Has it ever been a blessing in disguise? I don’t think so. There is a quote floating around the internet that says “Over-thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is.” In my book that is 100% the truth. Obviously there is a need to think about things, to be conscious and curious, but overthinking anything will just ruin it.

It is what it is

It is what it is

This one is kind of funny for me because there was a time that I absolutely, positively, hated this saying. I would cringe if I heard it or saw it until one day it just slipped out of my mouth. I remember standing there in shock with a deer in the headlights look on my face. “THAT did not just come out of my mouth” I thought to myself, but it had. It was after that moment that I realize sometimes it really is that simple…it is what it is. It kind of ties in with the two beliefs above this that everything happens for a reason and overthinking ruins everything. Sometimes you just have to believe everything happens for a reason, don’t over analyze it, accept it for what it is, and move on. Easier said than done, I know.



Everyone is fighting a battle of some sort therefore we should try to be a little more understanding of others. Maybe their bad mood is because they just received some bad news or maybe they’ve just had a really crappy day. Either way being kind won’t hurt you and might brighten their day a little.

Anything is possible

Anything is possible

Anyone with the right mindset can accomplish anything. Tell someone they can’t do something and chances are they will do whatever they have to do to prove you wrong. Seriously, strong minds are capable of anything. They can set the world on fire.



This magic little bean was put on this earth because someone great and powerful loved us all so much and wanted to give us the right tools to start our days or to push through an overly taxing day. Praise to you and all of those who work so hard to bring us that glorious smell in the morning and the extra umph to get us through our day.



If you don’t believe in wine shame on you! Those fermented grapes were a blessing from the same great and powerful  someone who wanted us to have that magical little bean. The thought process had to be something  along the lines of “I’ll give them wine for when coffee isn’t strong enough for the job.” Or maybe it’s a reward for a job well done on making it through the day. Either way, believe in wine, it pays off.

Vulnerabilities = Strength


Who would have ever thought that was possible? I certainly didn’t, but I am slowly learning that it is completely true. Some think opening up to others, showing them your insecurities and raw emotions are a weakness. That could not be more wrong! Opening up to someone, giving them the power to completely destroy you, but having faith that they won’t takes a world of strength.

Your past is just a SMALL part of your story

Past Story

We like to fixate on the past, relive, give it a place in our present and our future, but the truth is it doesn’t belong there. It is just a very small part of our past. You are not the mistakes you have made. The sooner you realize this, deal with it, and make peace with it, the sooner it will lose its power over you. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I sure do believe this for everyone else, but I am working on believing this for myself. It’s a work in progress.

Character means more than appearance ever will


Some will laugh at this, but those that do are shallow. You can have the prettiest face or the sexiest body, but that really won’t matter if all that makes up your character suck. Be a good person, be funny, be honest, be caring, be genuinely and uniquely you. Beauty fades, but your character doesn’t.

We are stronger than we think


We 100% do NOT give ourselves enough credit in the strength department. When we really need to be strong we can be. We can keep going long after we are ready to give up. It’s kind of like running for me. I find myself wanting to give up because in my head I just feel like I need to stop or I need to take a break, but on the days that I tell my head to “Shut the fuck up” my body kicks into gear and keeps me going. Sometimes we think we need a break because we are just lazy. We just don’t want to fight anymore or we want to be done with the world, but deep down, maybe even on a subconscious level we know we can keep going. We are STRONG!

This too shall pass

This too shall

Everything is temporary. Someone so kindly reminded me of that today. Sometimes when you are going through something not so pleasant or straight up painful you think it’s permanent, but the truth is it isn’t. It will pass and you will move on with your life. Once that happens it will either seem like it wasn’t so bad or you’ll realize you were stronger than you thought.

Listening more than you speak


Oh man! If only more people could do this. You know what happens when you stop talking and you just listen? You actually hear! You take it all in! You understand it all a lot better! You can’t do that when you are constantly talking. Just relax a little and listen to what is going on around you a little more often. You will be surprised.

You learn something new everyday


Having two kids proved this to me. It wasn’t long ago that my son came home from school and told my husband and I that monarch butterflies were poisonous. We told him we didn’t think that was true. Well, let me just tell you, thank goodness for the power of the all mighty Google! After a quick search we were staring at an iPhone screen in awe. Okay, so they are not poisonous unless eaten by a predator, but regardless the boy was right and we learned something new. That happens every day whether it’s your kids, a friend, or a stranger teaching you. If you think this doesn’t happen to you…you are wrong! Open your mind, take chances, embrace the world around you. This is when you are start living and when you really start learning.

We are all born wild

Wild Child

We turn into these cautious, normal, live our lives the way the world wants us to beings. We were born wild with a sense of curiosity and adventure, but we allow the world to tame that. We allow society to depict who we should be. What if we all had a rebel soul, a wild heart? I think that we do. I think that’s how we were meant to live. It’s time to start embracing that part of ourselves. Live a little, be happy, be adventurous, say what you feel, stand up for something, be the rebel you want to be, the rebel you already are, but try to deny. Just do it!

Everyone has an inner rebel

Inner Rebel

We may not allow him or her to come out very often or maybe not at all, but that rebel is in there. It’s time to start embracing that part of ourselves. Live a little, be happy, be adventurous, say what you feel, stand up for something, be the rebel you want to be, the rebel you already are, but try to deny. Just do it!

Being random


Is there another way to live? Seriously, if there is I haven’t found it yet. I change topics as quickly as my daughter goes through 10G of data on  our phone plan. My mind is always going and if I don’t tell you something as soon as I think of it, it’s gone. So, you can expect randomness from me. It’s how I roll.

Taking lots of pictures

Take lots of pictures

There is no such thing as taking too many photographs and those that say so should just shut their big mouths. I take pictures of everything and anything. It’s my way of reliving the moment after it’s gone. My ticket back to a beautiful memory.

There is real therapeutic power in driving while blasting music


When I’m having a bad day or feeling crazy stressed or emotionally drained my first instinct is to get in the car, turn the music on, and just drive. Doesn’t matter where, I just need to get out there. I’m the crazy woman you see in the car next to you singing at the top of her lungs. Laugh if you will, but it has a calming effect on me.



They are everywhere and I am not just talking about the ones on the roads or to the bathroom. I’m talking about having a really fucked up day, you’ve received bad news,  and everything you touch is turning to shit, but just when you are about to break down a song starts playing that reminds you to be strong, take it for what it is, push forward, a better day is coming. That, to me, is a sign. It came at the exact right moment. If you haven’t been able to tell I am a huge music fanatic. I have no type, I like them all. Also, my beliefs are all over the place and as random as I am. Seriously, though, signs are everywhere. They could just be coincidences, but I’ll take them as signs.